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13th Chakra system of ancient Egypt

all you need to understand and heal naturally

This book helps you understand what are the chakras and their roles. It helps you determine, if you have energetic

blockages and how you release it with simple methods and very inexpensive. You can work with Yoga, crystals,

aromatherapy, nutrition, meditation and the colors around you. The methods are easy, simple, and effective and supported

by videos, easily accessible on you tube. All information on the basic chakras you know but also the chakra better known

as the wisdom of the ancient Egyptian. Discover your body and the solution to your discomfort.

NOW AVAILABLE Soft cover ISBN 978-1-9994437-3-3 E-book ISBN 978-1-9994437-4-0

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Tinay The warrior princess Series

Tinay the warrior princess is a series built on the ideology that Atlantis survivors escaped through space and established a colony on different planets.

When they rebuilt their civilization they decided to move the power from a man and distribute it equally to 3 woman:

A Seer, a Healer and a Keeper of the word. These 3 women can further extend their gifts by teaming up with each other.

The seer Paletis feeling superior and undermined by the other 2 decided to eliminate them and rule alone.

The precarious position she has been in has thrown society into chaos and many innocents have suffered under her rule.

It is up to our Heroine to battle to find the truth and bring balance once again.

The Initiation

The first book of the series of Tinay the warrior Princess

Mani, a Canadian librarian, tells of how, many years ago, the people of Atlantis were forced to leave the earth to establish a colony in space to escape annihilation. They eventually settled on the isolated planet of Sasgorg. After several millennia of peace, the Evil Queen took control and destroyed the balance between good and evil. Fifty years under her rule has passed, and the very survival of the last of the descendants of Atlantis is threatened. Their destiny rests on the unknowing shoulders of Tinay, a young Atlantean. She must undergo the traditional rite of passage to become an apprentice artisan while unwittingly being trained to become a warrior. Tinay's destiny is to overthrow the Evil Queen and restore to her people, but is a fourteen-year-old up to the task?

NOW AVAILABLE Soft cover ISBN 978-1-5035-2713-3

Hard cover ISBN 978-1-5035-2711-9

E-book ISBN 978-1-5035-2712-6

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The Apprentice

Tinay is now a fifteen-year-old girl and is starting her apprenticeship as an artist on the Atlantis survivor colony planet Os. Separated from her family, she discovers how the evil queen's decisions have led society to disaster. She witnesses poverty, hunger, diseases, along with the privileged and gluttons. She gets her first glimpse of the evil queen. She will be in contact with the members of the resistance, innocently at first, and caught in the dilemma to watch from the sidelines or to join in. She needs to figure out what she will fight for, whom she will side with.She is conflicted on determining what is right, wrong, or the acceptable gray area. Her confusion reaches a new height after she learns her friendis condemned to death for reading a controversial poem that supports the resistance. She decides that should he die, his poem should be heard, and she takes her first step as a member of the resistance. Tinay will need to dig deep and help those she comes to know to save them from a horrible fate. She'll help heal thequeen's victim, but is she strong enough to restore balance?

NOW AVAILABLE Soft cover ISBN 978-1-5035-3720-0

Hard cover ISBN 978-1-5035-3719-4

E-book ISBN 978-1-5035-3721-7

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