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Help empower individuals on their spiritual path

Tinay is now a fifteen-year-old girl and is starting her apprenticeship as an artist on the Atlantis survivor colony planet Os.

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The Initiation

The first book of the series of Tinay the warrior Princess

Mani, a Canadian librarian, tells of how, many years ago, the people of Atlantis were forced to leave the earth to establish a colony in space to escape annihilation.

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Welcome to the REDU Wellness Center

The REDU stands for Re-Discover yoUrself!!

The ReDU Wellness center in Langley offers classes, workshops, Healing session and Intuitive readings. The owner, Sonya Roy, is one of the host with regular guest speakers, teachers, authors. The center lets Professional work and conduct healing. A safe place, positively energized to help empower individuals to be successful on their Spiritual Path.

Upcoming Events

Mediumship Class

June 3rd and 4th, 2017

KARUNA Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

June 16th,17th and 18th, 2017

YOGA NOW AVAILABLE!!! Call for time and dates

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CChildren are welcome to attend. You want to learn how to be a Medium and Hear messages to help others, join the introduction class. You learn about protection, how to understand how spirits communicate and you get to practice with fellow students. You will learn:

  • how to communicate with spirits
  • release them if they are stuck
  • You get more practice with readings for a person
  • understanding your role as a light worker
  • you will learn basic card reading
  • you will practice communication with animals
  • you will no longer be afraid to use you gift and talent...

Course Tuition & Fees 2 days (9 am to 5 pm) $250.00

Chakra healing workshop

May 27th 2017 at Karma Teachers

Join us for an amazing day of healing for your central energetic channel and your chakra through meditation, yoga and workshop. A day of healing and renewal

  • 9:00 welcome
  • 9:15 meditation with Alchemy Crystal Bowls
  • 10:15 Sharing
  • 10:45 break
  • 11:00 Hatha Chakra Yoga
  • 12:15 lunch
  • 13:15 Workshop
  • 16:45 conclusion
  • 17:00 End
Workshop is at Karma Teachers 45 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G4 British Columbia Phone: (604) 700-6489

Course Tuition & Fees: This course is 1 day from 9 am to 5 pm. $125.00 per person some scholarship are available please contact Andrew@karmateachers.com


Here you have the description of all the course offered at the center. Dates are subject to change.

  • REIKI holy fire all levels
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Healing Sessions

Here you can learn about all the different modality of healing available at the Center.

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Guest Teachers

The center welcomes guest teachers and healers for special classes and activities. Read about them and use the contact page to schedule an appointment with them or if you have questions about them. Their courses are listed on the Courses tabs and their healing session on the Healing Session tab

  • Kristine PEL Crystal healer, Karuna Reiki Holy Fire II
  • Ourania Megalos Reiki Master
  • Amelie Corbeil Reiki Master Teacher, medium, tarot reader

Kristine is a shamanic Practitioner, akashic record practitioner and a gifted Crystal Healer. She creates beautiful jewelry that is activated, blessed and heals the future owner. She can create special piece based on your individual needs.

She is a Usui REIKI Master Teacher and a Karuna Holy Fire II teacher and offers session at the center.

She is also the leader of Sound Therapy at the center where she plays the Crystal Bowls of our group meditations on the new and full moon.

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Ourania is a wonderful Reiki Master with a magical touch, She is also our new host for the Crystal Bowl Meditation and she is the co-owner of Beach Bum Beauty products.

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Amelie Corbeil is a Reiki Master Teacher and also can perform Mediumship and Angel Tarot Card readings in both official languages.

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Sonya Roy


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